[vlc-devel] Re: error compiling 0.4.6

Mayuresh Kathe mayuresh at vsnl.com
Thu Nov 21 15:24:56 CET 2002


On Thu, 21 Nov 2002, Jean-Paul Saman wrote:

> Are you building native or do you mean to cross-compile?

Native, for x86

> In Makefile.opts I find this line (you probably edited it by hand):
>  > qte_LDFLAGS =  -L$(LD_LIBRARY_PATH) -lqte-mt
> which should be
>   qte_LDFLAGS =  -L/root/work/handson/os/qt-2.3.2 -lqpe -lqte

There is slight difference, qpe is for Qt Palm Environment, which I don't
want to build for.
qte is for Qt/e which is what I am building it for :-)
and the '-mt' is for the multi-threaded version of Qt/e :-)

> The configure script did not detect the --enable-qte setting correctly.
> I add here a patch for configure and configure.in scripts. Goto your vlc
> directory and type:
> patch -p1 < diff_for_Mayuresh_Kathe.patch

Thanks for that, I'll try it out and get back to you about it :)

Best Regards,


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