issues on irix platform

Bram Stolk bram at
Tue Sep 10 13:35:52 CEST 2002

Hello videolanners,

I am using vlc on Irix, and have a few comments:

1) MIPS are MSB machines, and the FOURCC parsing works
   on LSB only.
   For irix vlc clients I have to do:
   --dummy-chroma 61VR
   instead of:
   --dummy-chroma 16RV

2) The CVS version crashes when displaying in x11 or sdl.
   Dummy output is OK.
   The 0.4.4 client did work on IRIX
   Stack dump delivers little usable info.

3) I have implemented a shared memory video_output.
   It works great, I can now use: --vout shm and
   have all frames rendered to shm.

4) RV32 does not seem to work on IRIX, because if I
   use this mode, all pixels are black (0,0,0,255).
   In RV16, all pixels are fine.
   However, on my platform I would prefer the RV32 data.
   Requesting RV24 fails completely with an error
   about the chroma mode not being found:
   [00:000050] main video output error: unknown chroma type 0x52563234 (RV24)

5) Is there interrest in shm vout being commited to
   the CVS tree?

 Bram Stolk, VR Specialist.
 SARA Academic Computing Services Amsterdam, PO Box 94613, 1090 GP  AMSTERDAM
 email: bram at   Phone +31-20-5923059  Fax +31-20-6683167

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