[vlc-devel] memory consuming vlc (CVS)

Nicolas Croiset (VDL) ncroiset at vdldiffusion.com
Tue Apr 8 12:31:43 CEST 2003


we use a kfir card where we get the stream (in dummy interface) and output 
this stream via UDP multicast.

We had made a modification which is not in the CVS in the file 
modules/access_output/udp.c :
We comment mwait( i_wait );

This comment permit to solve a problem of memory which grows up very 
quickly, also the delay between the source and the result grow also.

Our tests is now for a long time, the memory didn't grow since more than 24 
But at about 26h30' the memory grows up very quickly (about 37MB in 7'50'') 
Then the memory stops once again to grow.

In the vlc debug mode we have this alarm at the same time :

main warning: clock gap, unexpected stream discontinuity

After this problem we test the delay between the source and the video 
playing and the time delay is the same as before this warning.


Nicolas Croiset                   ncroiset at vdl.fr
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