[vlc-devel] Re: About the win32 interface

MaFai zh-ma at hkbn.com.hk
Fri Apr 18 13:50:33 CEST 2003

Hello, Olivier Teulière,

Thank u very much.I have try 0.5.3,it really work.I'm exciting.

Btw,I'm learning c and c++. VLC seems very attractive to me.Thank u again.

======= At 2003-04-18, 13:06:00 you wrote: =======

>On Fri, Apr 18, 2003, MaFai wrote:
>> I use bcb5.0 to open the win32.bpr project.The compiler complain me
>> that there is no config.h,subtitles.h and sout.h in the folder.
>config.h is generated when you do the configure step, that's the reason
>why i told you to build the whole vlc before trying to build the win32
>subtitles.h and sout.h were missing in the 0.5.2 tarball, but it has
>been corrected in vlc-0.5.3, and the ones from vlc-0.5.3 should be OK.
>> I search the unzip vlc0.5.2 folder.There is no subtitles.h and
>> config.h in the folder.So I use vlc_config.h instead of config.h.Is
>> that right?
>No, build the whole vlc under cygwin and you'll have config.h.
>> Where is the subtitles.h? I try to comment the include "subtitles.h"
>> in mainframe.cpp.But the mainframe.cpp really use subtitles.h  . Then
>> i try to put subtitles.h found in vlc0.5.3 version to the vlc0.5.2
>> folder.  The compiler still complain sth.
>What is the problem when you use subtitles.h from vlc-0.5.3?
>Anyway, since you've got the 0.5.3 tarball, you should compile this one
>instead of 0.5.2 :)
>> And I put  /vlc-0.5.2/include/vlc/sout.h to the gui/win32 folder .
>As explained before, it's not the same file.
>You should have less problems with vlc-0.5.3...
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Best regards.				 
zh-ma at hkbn.com.hk

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