[vlc-devel] Re: New icons for MacOSX

Derk-Jan Hartman d.hartman at student.utwente.nl
Tue Apr 22 23:33:44 CEST 2003

On dinsdag, apr 22, 2003, at 21:26 Europe/Amsterdam, Loïc Minier wrote:
> I found icons - in old admin mail - courtesy of Davor Orel.
> If you have any comments or suggestions for this set, please drop me  
> an email.  Thanks!

To Davor: sorry this took so long, your mail got lost in a webmaster  
account. Next time please send your mails to the videolan mailinglist.

I put them in an image so the others can take a look:

My initial reactions:
1: THANK YOU so much. We really could use some better graphic work on  
VLC. (not trying to make less of what others have contributed already.)

2: The VideoLAN traffic cone deserves more attention since it is our  
official logo. People recognize us by that. How ugly as many OSX users  
may find it to be ;)

3: the file icons need to be non-square (i don't know how to phrase  
this correctly in english) and the fold needs to be on the top right.  
This page shows all that really well.  
This time if we replace icons, i want to get as much of it 'right' cq.  
Apple Guidelines compliant.

4: I noticed the MPEG icon doesn't have a small version. This is really  
important for file icons, since the small version is used in the window  
titlebar. All the file and playlist icons need a 'small' version.

5: I can't open the Application icons v2 with anything.

6: We require way more icons by now:
.asx - Windows playlist
.wma - Window Media Audio
.ogm - Ogg Vorbis Media file
.asf - Windows Streaming File
.wmv - Windows Media Video
.sub & .srt - Subtitle files
.mp3 - MP3 files
.dv - Digital Video
.mov - Quicktime Container Format
.pls - Shoutcast Playlist
.m3u - Playlist files
.ogg - Ogg Audio file
.dat - Disk Image file
.cue - Disk image index file
.mpeg & .mpeg & .ts & .ps - MPEG files
.avi - Windows Container Format (divx but not necessarily )
.m1v - MPEG 1 Video
.m2v - MPEG 2 Video
.mp4 - MPEG 4 File (video and audio)

There are also the icons for the toolbar in the preferences that ought  
to get their own versions.

7: beware of the use of any trademarked/copyrighted material, like  
windows logo's, mpeg logo's, QT logo's etc.

Not trying to scare you or any others off, it's just the work i think  
needs to be done to make the icons in VLC perfect.
Since i can't even get antialiasing to work in Photoshop, i'm not the  
one for this job. Please if there are ppl out there that could work on  
this matter one more time, show what you've got/propose etc.

Derk-Jan Hartman

Videolan - VLC media player
Derk-Jan Hartman (thedj at users.sourceforge.net)
Co-Developer of the MacOS X port of vlc

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