[vlc-devel] [RFC] New icons for MacOSX

Derk-Jan Hartman d.hartman at student.utwente.nl
Wed Apr 23 00:37:31 CEST 2003

Forwarding to VLC list as well.

On dinsdag, apr 22, 2003, at 23:33 Europe/Amsterdam, Derk-Jan Hartman  
> To Davor: sorry this took so long, your mail got lost in a webmaster  
> account. Next time please send your mails to the videolan mailinglist.
> I put them in an image so the others can take a look:
> http://sidekick.student.utwente.nl/videolan/icons.jpg
> My initial reactions:
> 1: THANK YOU so much. We really could use some better graphic work on  
> VLC. (not trying to make less of what others have contributed > already.)
> 2: The VideoLAN traffic cone deserves more attention since it is our  
> official logo. People recognize us by that. How ugly as many OSX users  
> may find it to be ;)
> 3: the file icons need to be non-square (i don't know how to phrase  
> this correctly in english) and the fold needs to be on the top right.  
> This page shows all that really well.  
> http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Essentials/ 
> AquaHIGuidelines/AHIGIcons/index.html
> This time if we replace icons, i want to get as much of it 'right' cq.  
> Apple Guidelines compliant.
> 4: I noticed the MPEG icon doesn't have a small version. This is  
> really important for file icons, since the small version is used in  
> the window titlebar. All the file and playlist icons need a 'small'  
> version.
> 5: I can't open the Application icons v2 with anything.
> 6: We require way more icons by now:
> .asx - Windows playlist
> .wma - Window Media Audio
> .ogm - Ogg Vorbis Media file
> .asf - Windows Streaming File
> .wmv - Windows Media Video
> .sub & .srt - Subtitle files
> .mp3 - MP3 files
> .dv - Digital Video
> .mov - Quicktime Container Format
> .pls - Shoutcast Playlist
> .m3u - Playlist files
> .ogg - Ogg Audio file
> .dat - Disk Image file
> .cue - Disk image index file
> .mpeg & .mpeg & .ts & .ps - MPEG files
> .avi - Windows Container Format (divx but not necessarily )
> .m1v - MPEG 1 Video
> .m2v - MPEG 2 Video
> .mp4 - MPEG 4 File (video and audio)
> There are also the icons for the toolbar in the preferences that ought  
> to get their own versions.
> 7: beware of the use of any trademarked/copyrighted material, like  
> windows logo's, mpeg logo's, QT logo's etc.
> Not trying to scare you or any others off, it's just the work i think  
> needs to be done to make the icons in VLC perfect.
> Since i can't even get antialiasing to work in Photoshop, i'm not the  
> one for this job. Please if there are ppl out there that could work on  
> this matter one more time, show what you've got/propose etc.
> Derk-Jan Hartman

Xtoph came with this suggestion.

Please let us know what you think (vlc at videolan.org please)
And no flamewars, thank you very much.

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