[vlc-devel] about Embeded VLC

MaFai zh-ma at hkbn.com.hk
Fri Apr 25 07:54:29 CEST 2003

Hello, vlc-devel,

I find the old post in the mailling list.I quote the content as the following lines:

 1. How feasible will it be to use VideoLAN as an embedded component?

   Pretty easy real soon now. The 0.5.x versions of the VideoLAN client
(currently only in CVS) will provide a library with a simple API for
embedding. I'm currently working on a Mozilla plugin [1] which does
exactly this.
End Quote.

I want to know that the vlc component of CBuilder ,or VC has been finished or not.Do any one tell me a bit?

I read the source code of video output modules,and I also know the directdraw show the best quality.
Sorry to bother the vlc developers again for my poor experience of programe on the windows plantform.

I find there two handles of windows."hwnd" is a handle of the main window,"hparent" is a handle of the parent window.

"hparent" seems little useful.It only use to set the title on the parent window. 
"hwnd" is a video output window.The application control its position and other property throw windows native method.

But why should we use parent window? I mean the parent window seems useless and the application can not get any benefit from it.

The interface and output are separated now.Can I merge the video dialog into the interface of CBuilder version?  The look like the Realplayer or WindowsMediaPlayer.

Before no better solution,I think I should revise the directx.c to set the unchangeable position on the video dialog window. Enlarge the win32 interface,let the video dialog float on the interface.This may cheat the user.It seems that the video output embedd in the interface.

But,do any one have other idea ?

Another question,after I change the directx.c,I recompile the vlc every thime.That's really time-consuming.Do any other way to cover this problem? 

Best regards. 

zh-ma at hkbn.com.hk

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