[vlc-devel] Re: about Embeded VLC

Olivier Teulière ipkiss at via.ecp.fr
Fri Apr 25 11:29:27 CEST 2003

On Fri, Apr 25, 2003, MaFai wrote:
>  1. How feasible will it be to use VideoLAN as an embedded component?
>    Pretty easy real soon now. The 0.5.x versions of the VideoLAN
>    client (currently only in CVS) will provide a library with a simple
>    API for embedding. I'm currently working on a Mozilla plugin [1]
>    which does exactly this.  End Quote.
> I want to know that the vlc component of CBuilder ,or VC has been
> finished or not.Do any one tell me a bit?

"Embedded component" here means that vlccan be embedded in other
applications, and not that a part of it (the video output) can be
integrated into another part of it (the win32 interface).

BTW, as Gildas already explained, the win32 interface (with CBuilder)
will not be maintained in the future versions of VLC, so you should work
on the wxwindows interface instead.

> "hparent" seems little useful.It only use to set the title on the
> parent window.  "hwnd" is a video output window.The application
> control its position and other property throw windows native method.
> But why should we use parent window? I mean the parent window seems
> useless and the application can not get any benefit from it.

I don't know very well this part of the code, but i think hparent is
used when VLC is embedded in an application such as Mozilla.

> The interface and output are separated now.Can I merge the video
> dialog into the interface of CBuilder version?  The look like the
> Realplayer or WindowsMediaPlayer.

Currently, a video output must create its own window and handle itself
the incoming events (mouse clicks, keys pressed, etc...). A better
solution would be that the video outputs asks to the interface if it can
get a window, and if so, to use it.

This requires quite a lot of changes in the way video outputs and
interfaces communicate, but someone is working on it. I think you should
wait until it is done, because it will be much easier then.

> Another question,after I change the directx.c,I recompile the vlc
> every thime.That's really time-consuming.Do any other way to cover
> this problem?

If you only changed directx.c, "make" should only recompile this file
and link the directx plugin.
If you want to force the compilation of the directx plugin only, you can
type "make modules/video_output/directx/libvout_directx_plugin.dll".

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