[vlc-devel] frame seeking, continued

j.zorko at att.net j.zorko at att.net
Mon Apr 28 19:22:29 CEST 2003

Hello, all ...

First thing -- very good job so far, VLC rocks!

I need to add frame seeking capabilities to VLC i.e. input_Seek( p_input, i_new_pos, 
INPUT_SEEK_IFRAME) ... or possibly INPUT_SEEK_GOP.  However, the upper levels of VLC are 
separated from the lower decoding levels, as input_Seek() only knows about bytes and time.  I 
don't want to pollute this interface with things it was not meant for, so I was thinking of a way 
where I could find the position (in bytes) in the stream of the next / previous I-frame or GOP, then 
use input_Seek( ... INPUT_SEEK_BYTES) with this position.

I'm looking through the source (i've been doing a lot of that over the last week or so <g>) and 
found the PES packet parsing, but i've as yet not found the code identifying an I-frame or GOP by 
the start code.  Assuming I find it, what would be the best way to get the byte position in the 
stream of the next / previous I-frame or GOP, and make that available to the upper areas of the 
code which call input_Seek()?



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