[vlc-devel] VCD under vcdimager

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Sat Aug 2 18:42:08 CEST 2003

 (The patch has been removed and it is now at

A while back, I promised a patch to make public the work I've been
doing to complete the vlc VCD plugin (via external libraries libvcd
and libcdio).

Enclosed is a patch which I applied against vlc 0.6.1. The patch is a
little bloated for a couple of reasons. First I have patches to
derived files that are in the 0.6.1 distribution (e.g. configure or
Makefile.in). Second, the original cdda and vcd plugins are in the
patch. In the former, the file cdda-orig.c seems "new" but it's really
old and for the latter, vcdx is a new directory although it should be
compared with the original untouched vcd directory.

I am not a autobuild hacker and haven't been able to figure out how to
have the new and old plugins coexist cleanly. So configuring to use
the old plugins is currently not easily possible (as far as I know) in
the patch. Also I had do do a "chmod +x vlc-config" to get any
plugins to install.

I should set some expectations lest there be disappointment. The work
below really is just the first checkpoint of a plugin that I think has
is more likely to become a complete VCD plugin. Shortly after this is
released the code will be reorganized to separate player-independant
and player-dependant code.

Some features over the existing VCD plugin:

- this plugin can start at an entry other than the beginning of a
track (and to do this mpeg/ps.c needs to be patched).

- It can play segments in the first track which I and libvcdinfo call
track 0. 

And of course, I think internally the code is cleaner.

What is not here is playback control or the special thread handling
that is probably needed for menu selection, playing stills, and
handling default selection timeouts. Probably the next thing to be
added will be more playback control of a non-interactive nature. If
you want this now, see the xine plugin. That took about a year to get
that to the stage it is now. The vlc plugin is cleaner and should go
quicker. However it has become clear that changes to the rest of vlc
are needed to make everything work.

To build with this patch you will need the latest sources of the cdio
branch of vcdimager and libcdio. One can use the CVS versions, 
however I've also put tarballs at 
under the 0.62 release.

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