[vlc-devel] troubles using vlc with wxwindows 2.5

Benjamin PRACHT bigben at via.ecp.fr
Sun Aug 3 17:10:46 CEST 2003


I've tried recently to use vlc  with cvs version of wxwindows (GTK, with
GTK2  and unicode  enable.  I  first tried  the  snapshot  given on  the
VideoLAN website. Compilation went good, but when launching VLC with the
wxwindows  interface, the  help  menu is  empty, and  I  get a  segfault
everytime I try to open the context menu or tha audio menu.

I then tried  a more recent CVS,  but VLC is complaining  about a failed
transtyping in  wxwindows.cpp:226... (looks as if  something had changed
in their API, no ?)

So,  did I  do  anyting wrong  ?  Is  there any  version  known to  work
propoerly ?


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