[vlc-devel] Can someone test this on 0.6.3 for me?

John Michael Zorko j.zorko at att.net
Sun Aug 31 18:52:20 CEST 2003

Hello, all ...

Until I get VLC ).6.3 built locally, could someone test the following 
(simple) scenario and tell me what the results were?  You'll need a 
somewhat fast machine for this (my 2GHz RedHat 9 box at work is fine, 
my dual-proc 500mhz G4 at home is fine, but my iBook 900 is a bit slow 
for this).

1. Set up a server VLC instance, streaming an MPEG2 / VOB clip (choose 
your own multicast address if this one doesn't work for you):

	./vlc --sout udp/ts:// /path/to/MPEG/clip

2. Set up a client VLC instance, on the same or another machine, 
receiving a stream from the server above:

	./vlc udp/ts:@

The client should start playing the clip streamed from the server.  
Now, use the servers' GUI and move the slider to another position in 
the movie, taking note of what happens in the client.  Does the video 
exhibit macroblocking artifacts for a brief time before playing the 
stream from the new position?



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