[vlc-devel] [RFC] + Re: Re: libcddb added, playlist interface - disappointing

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Mon Dec 1 02:52:56 CET 2003

=?iso-8859-15?Q?Cl=E9ment?= Stenac writes:
 > I personnaly disagree. I think that almost nobody goes to see this if
 > one is not searching for special informations. I think the fileinfo
 > dialog should mainly be intended for technical informations about the
 > stream. "Userland" informations, such as ID3 or CDDB infos should go in
 > the playlist item, IMHO.

For a CD-DA, a playlist item is (now) a track, It could instead be an
entire CD (and in fact still is in the old CD plugin), but I followed
the recent suggestion that someone just gave: break this out into
individual tracks. (And for a DVD or a VCD with autmatic navigation,
you can't do this trick.)

Information fields like the length of a CD or the CD Title has the
scope of the entire CD; if these fields were copied into each playlist
item there would be an update and duplication problem. So what you'd
want here, as I think others have mentioned, would be a pointer to
this common global information.

And as others have pointed out, I don't think storing this under some
File (or Media) data structure isn't all that bad.

Some of the information I do think is a little bit technical, like the
CDDB disc number or a Media Catalog Number. And even if one stored
this information in a playlist item, I think someone looking at the
File/Media Info page would also be interested in this information. In
other words, I don't see this as "Userland" or "Geekland" but perhaps
common to both.

 > About how to add them, I don't know if we should add 5 or 6 new fields
 > to the playlist_item_t structure, or rather (I think this one is
 > better), create a pp_infos in the playlist_item_t where we could store
 > all the infos we have (each element of pp_infos would contain "info
 > type","value"). 

There already is an infos ppsz array. I don't think it's is used by
anything and therefore probably nobody is populating it either. 

 > Then, the user should be able to see all the infos that are stored in
 > the pp_infos in the iteminfo dialog, and, perhaps, one day, be able to
 > show this in the listview (customizable, eh :).

The part that gets me is the "one day." The input_AddInfo() and
input_AddCategory routines were easy to use. Easier than the playlist
stuff. So right now I have a way to show this information, even if it
is not necessarily to everyone's liking or the most ideal situation.

That's not to say things couldn't stand improvment or that I'm not for
a *better* or more use-friendly ways of doing things.

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