[vlc-devel] Re: RedHat RPM's

Jason Luka jason at geshp.com
Tue Dec 9 00:16:00 CET 2003

R. Bernstein wrote:

>Jason Luka writes:
> > No problem, just had that 'check for libcdio >= 0.65 ...no' staring me 
> > down saying 'ha ha ha, you'll never fix me. ha ha ha.' If you need a new 
> > CVS snapshot before release let me know. 
>I'm not sure I understand. I think I saw that you made a tarball for
>the CVS sources, right? If you are using these you shouldn't get that
>message. (It would be good, especially on Redhat, to build with
>libcdio and vcdimager, since I think these are the preferred plugins.)
>Although there's a much to improvement to do in libcdio and some
>planned, there won't be any major changes until 0.65 is released. So
>far the changes in CVS are documentation changes and another example
>program. And as I said before I can't even commit these changes until
>Savannah.gnu.org comes back.
Yeah I made a source tarball from CVS in the vlc-source package and 
compiled in support for libcdio and vcdimager. There's a new testing 
directory at 
http://www.videolan.org/pub/testing/vlc-0.7.0-test1/rpm/rh9-fc1/ As of 
now, they haven't added the required fribidi rpm, so RH9 will be broken, 
but Fedora should work.

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