[vlc-devel] CVS Commit (yoann)

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Tue Dec 9 04:28:57 CET 2003

 > Log Message:
 > This fixes bugs 1285 and 1343
 > * added a the default CD Audio device in General Settings -> Input

I should mention some things about the default audio device in the
libcdio plugin - it may or may not affect this patch.

In the one libcdio CD-DA plugin, if the default device is the null
string, a CD-ROM drive with a CD-DA in it is searched for. So the
simplest and I think best default would be to use the null string
here. Of course folks may not want drives to be scanned or may want to
specify which of several drives to select which is why one can set
that variable. 

As there are two CD-DA plugins currently, the variable controlling
this for the libcdio plugin is called cddax-device, not cd-audio. At
some point when folks feel the time is right the merger (of variable
names or removal of the other CD-DA) should take place. I don't
presume to know when that is.

Also related: the wxwindows "Open Target" menu gives sets the MRL for
CD-DA as cdda:/dev/cdrom at 1:1 (for some value of /dev/cdrom). I'm not
sure what the trailing :1 is doing there and I was told that the right
MRL should start cdda:// so that should be cdda:///dev/cdrom@1. The
libcdio plugin also allows one to add an optional T before the track
number - I think it makes things a little clearer and it is be
somewhat compatible with the SVCD plugin. And in this plugin there is
a subtle difference between cdda:// and cdda://@1. The former MRL
indicates to add all tracks in the CD to the playlist, while the
latter indicates to play *only* track number 1 and only that is added
to the playlist.

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