[vlc-devel] wxwindows handling of tracks in cddx and vcdx

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Thu Dec 11 06:47:03 CET 2003

I just made a change to the wxwindows gui that I hope makes the "Open
Media" a little more sensible.

One thing I didn't tackle though was the added flexibility of the new
VCD and CD-DA plugins in they way they use MRLs. 

As mentioned before, cddax:// means add everything to the playlist while
cddax://@1 means play just track 1. 

vcdx:// may mean either vcdx://@P1 or turn playback control on if the
configuration variable vcdx-PBC is on. Or if not it should be similar
to cddax where all tracks are added to the playlist. Or even better,
all *entries* should be added to the playlist, although neither
happens right now . (Entries just starting points and a track has at
least one entry, but may have more.)

My current thought would be allow the track selection to go to 0 in
for cddax and vcdx and in those cases set the MRL to vcdx:// or
cddax://. I haven't yet figured out where the lower limit is allowed
in the wxwindows GUI but I do see that for DVD's one can select title

Thoughts comments? 

P.S: as brought up earlier in having configuration options
unselectable, the same thing probably holds here: the CD-DA button
should probabl make the "Chapter" button unselectable.

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