[vlc-devel] Re: German localization on new OSX-Interface

Christophe Massiot massiot at via.ecp.fr
Tue Dec 16 23:46:47 CET 2003

À (At) 18:03 +0100 15/12/03, Felix Kühne écrivait (wrote) :

>On Monday, Dec 15, 2003, at 01:13 Europe/Berlin, Derk-Jan Hartman wrote:
>>I'll ask Max to look at it and make suggestions about it.
>That's great!
>I've finished a first update to the german translation, but there 
>are two strings which I do not understand. It would be nice if 
>someone would explain them to me.
>1) "automatically insert gather stream_out if not specified" (#: 
>src/libvlc.h:392) What does "insert gather" mean in this context?

no idea

>2) What's a "Clock reference average counter"? (#: src/libvlc.h:260)

When streaming, the server inserts "clock references" every now and 
then, which are derived from a 90 kHz clock. The client must examine 
these references and see if there is a drift with its own clock : we 
could be displaying the images a bit faster than they arrive, which 
would cause an underflow after several hours. However, we must 
eliminate the network jitter, so we calculate the drift with a mean 
of x values of the clock references (x is the number we choose in 
that item).

That's the same problem whenever b_pace_control = 0, for instance 
with the PVR input. But the ivtv drivers only the packets in burst, 
so there is A LOT of jitter there. The usual value for cr_average is 
too small and the presentation timestamps get screwed up with the 
fast variations of the references, so it is suggested to raise it.

Christophe Massiot.

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