[vlc-devel] F#(Ked up strings.

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Thu Dec 18 00:10:18 CET 2003

OK, i spent several hours translating again and I'm becoming 
increasingly more annoyed by some of the errors we have in our strings.

- The usage of different words while the same is referred to: 
plugins/modules codecs/decoders
- The inconsistent usage of capitals
- Spelling errors
- Missing translations.
- Explanations of options that aren't really explaining anything
- Missing explanations of options
- Incorrect phrasing
- Duplicate usage of similar strings
- strings that shouldn't be there. (some stuff is just untranslatable)
- stuff like sorting a list doesn't belong in a menu.
- translations of things that don't need translated 'mms://'
- etc etc.

All this effects the maintainability of the translations.
I think after 0.7.0 we need to do something like a string review (like 
a code review for strings).


P.S. here is something to start with.

vlc_help is a mess. some strings don't give descriptions, only examples.
don't use plugin in one section. module in another.
watch for '.' at end of some sentences.

#: src/libvlc.h:58 ,sap,rc,http,  -> add spaces between commas.
#: src/libvlc.h:65 options -> option
#: src/libvlc.h:77 color -> colored
#: src/libvlc.h:79 colorized -> colored
#: src/libvlc.h:84 double space -> single space
#: src/libvlc.h:145 prefered -> preferred

#: src/libvlc.h:264
msgid "Clock reference average counter" <-- the what????

#: src/libvlc.h:313 autodection -> autodetection (my bad)

#: src/libvlc.h:373 codecs -> decoders
#: src/libvlc.h:375 codecs -> decoders
#: src/libvlc.h:412 item -> items
#: src/libvlc.h:423 shouldn't these be removed by now?
#: src/libvlc.h:430 enable -> disable

#: modules/access/cdda/cdda.c and vcdx.
Many of the strings here are written from the developer point of view 
and not so much the user looking trough the prefs point of view. Whats 
with the ? in these strings.

#: modules/access/dvb/qpsk.c contains dupes of stings in the sat 
plugin. however these strings don't start with a capital. they need to 
be fixed in the qpsk.c file.

#: modules/codec/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.h:78 incorrect english
#: modules/codec/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.h:101 no explanation of the option. No 
capital at beginning
#: modules/control/gestures.c:79 Use of capitals at beginning (for all 
strings in this module)
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1071 i'm not even gonna count the 
errors in this string

#: modules/gui/pda/pda_interface.c:773 Hz/s ?????
#: modules/gui/pda/: there is a load of duplicate strings errors and 
not to be translated strings in these files.

#: modules/gui/wxwindows/iteminfo.cpp:147 informations -> information 
(stupid french you guys are ;)
#: modules/gui/wxwindows/open.cpp:259 is also used in three other files 
and should be fixed to match those
#: modules/misc/freetype.c:95 remove one capital
#: modules/misc/freetype.c:97 double space to single space
#: modules/misc/logger/logger.c:92 capitals
#: modules/stream_out/transrate/transrate.c:61 unexplained option
#: modules/video_filter/adjust.c:76 capitals
#: modules/video_filter/clone.c:66 capitals
#: modules/video_filter/logo.c:59 incorrect English
#: modules/video_filter/logo.c:68 capitals
#: modules/video_output/caca.c:53 capital
#: modules/visualization/visual/visual.c:38 missing translatable string 
in this module

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Developer of the MacOS X port of vlc

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