[vlc-devel] F#(Ked up strings.

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Fri Dec 19 12:08:08 CET 2003

I wouldn't mind a "string review" of the messages, and more
specifically the ones I've written, but I'm not sure I understand or
agree entirely with the assessment of the help strings in
modules/access/cdda/cdda.c and vcdx.

Derk-Jan Hartman writes:
 > Many of the strings here are written from the developer point of view 
 > and not so much the user looking trough the prefs point of view. 

I find this interesting in light of past comments where something was
said that my concerns were more from a user standpoint while vlc
developers are not interested in the user interface.  But if you have
particular suggestions for improving, I'd be interested. (I'm not sure
I agree with this assessment either, but that's off topic.)

So let's look in more detail. When the "advanced" button of 
Preferences is not enabled, for CDDA there are only three options:

Do CDDB lookups?
    If set, lookup CD-DA track information using the CDDB protocol

Cache CDDB lookups? 
    If set cache CDDB information about this CD

CDDB server timeout
    Time (in seconds) to wait for a response from the CDDB server

And for the VCDX plugin there are no preferences that can currently be
set, although when some of the vlc-engine problems are addressed I'll
probably moved from "Advanced" this one:

Use playback control? 
      If VCD is authored with playback control, use it.
      Otherwise we play by tracks.

(Actually we play by VCD entries rather than tracks, but this may change).

Which of these do you think is written from the developer point of
view and not so much from the user point of view? 

 > Whats 
 > with the ? in these strings.

Every one of those strings with a question mark is part of a check
box. Checking means "Yes" and not checking means "No." I think that,
especially with the long help is very clear, but if folks feel
differently the strings could be changed.

For the string "Cache CDDB Lookups?", it is a simple matter to remove
the "?" at the end of the string. But I think this just a matter of
taste or preference rather than "effects the maintainability of the
translations." However to rewrite the string "Do CDDB lookups?" a
question is shorter than when not posed as a question. Otherwise the
string would have have to be something similar to the long help given
above. Likewise for the advance setting "Contact CDDB via the HTTP

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