[vlc-devel] Localization

Clément Stenac zorglub at via.ecp.fr
Wed Dec 31 15:29:37 CET 2003


Here is the state of the art for VLC translations.
(t = translated messages, f= "fuzzy" messages, u = untranslated messages)

German     : 1018t 426f 248u  (60.15% done)
GB English : 121t 1571u       (7.15% done)
Spanish    : 1087t 320f 285u  (64.25% done)
HU         : 250t 175f 1267u  (14.77% done)
Italian    : 1692t            (100% done)
French     : 1691t 1u         (99.94% done)
Japanese   : 353t 739f 600u   (20.86%done)
Nederlands : 1507t 124f 61u   (89.06% done)
Norwegian  : 218t 655f 819u   (12.88% done)
Polish     : 221t 726f 745u   (13.06% done)
Braz. Port : 1551t 1f 140u    (91.67% done)
Russian    : 27t 356f 1309u   (1.59% done)
Swedish    : 67t 389f 1236u   (3.96% done)

Are there still translations being updated that we should wait before
releasing VLC 0.7.0 ?

By the way, I think we should improve a little the localization process.
We have several problems with it, that come, IMHO, from the lack of
organization of this process.

Calling for translations only when the code is ready delays release by
more than two weeks, which is not affordable if we want to release a bit
more often. I things strings should be updated on a regular basis (once
a week, every two weeks, ...) and the translation process should be
continuous and not happen once, every few months.

This would also help detection of bad strings, and help avoid the
problems we had 15 days ago, when strings where frozen, and then
changed, because so many of them were bad.

I think we also should provide better help to the translators. Each
langage should have a translation coordinator, in the case there are
several people working on it, and he should, IMHO, have a CVS access, to
avoid the pain of getting the tar.gz, translating, putting it somewhere,
waiting for someone to commit, ... especially if the process become

I think the "final" translation process, just before the release, should
really not last more than one week.

Thanks for your comments,

Clément Stenac

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