[vlc-devel] Re: Localization

Felix Kühne FK at aenneburghardt.de
Wed Dec 31 16:52:04 CET 2003


Am (on) 31.12.2003 um (at) 15:29 schrieb Clément Stenac (wrote):
> Here is the state of the art for VLC translations.
> (t = translated messages, f= "fuzzy" messages, u = untranslated 
> messages)
> German     : 1018t 426f 248u  (60.15% done)
> GB English : 121t 1571u       (7.15% done)
> Spanish    : 1087t 320f 285u  (64.25% done)
> HU         : 250t 175f 1267u  (14.77% done)
> Italian    : 1692t            (100% done)
> French     : 1691t 1u         (99.94% done)
> Japanese   : 353t 739f 600u   (20.86%done)
> Nederlands : 1507t 124f 61u   (89.06% done)
> Norwegian  : 218t 655f 819u   (12.88% done)
> Polish     : 221t 726f 745u   (13.06% done)
> Braz. Port : 1551t 1f 140u    (91.67% done)
> Russian    : 27t 356f 1309u   (1.59% done)
> Swedish    : 67t 389f 1236u   (3.96% done)
> Are there still translations being updated that we should wait before
> releasing VLC 0.7.0 ?
I'm working on an update of the german translation. It might be ready 
this evening, if not, it will be tomorrow evening.

> Calling for translations only when the code is ready delays release by
> more than two weeks, which is not affordable if we want to release a 
> bit
> more often. I things strings should be updated on a regular basis (once
> a week, every two weeks, ...) and the translation process should be
> continuous and not happen once, every few months.
Every two weeks would be ok, since don't have to translate every week..

> I think we also should provide better help to the translators. Each
> langage should have a translation coordinator, in the case there are
> several people working on it, and he should, IMHO, have a CVS access, 
> to
> avoid the pain of getting the tar.gz, translating, putting it 
> somewhere,
> waiting for someone to commit, ... especially if the process become
> faster.
This would be nice.

Btw. Could someone explain me this string please:
#: modules/demux/livedotcom.cpp:66
msgid "RTSP/RTP describe"


German Translator
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