[vlc-devel] BeOS interface CVS Commit

Stephan Assmus stippi at yellowbites.com
Sat Feb 1 13:15:16 CET 2003

Hello all,

sorry for commiting without useful message! Here is what my changes 


  - changed heap allocation of a BScreen object to a stack allocation
    reason: no good reason, just a habbit, and I fixed many leaks in
      the past when the allocated object was not deleted


  - fixed a couple of memory leaks
    -> please consult BeBook if parameters passed to functions remain
    the callers responsibility to delete!
  - fixed a bunch of bugs
  - removed usage of second file panel by sharing one file panel for
    multiple tasks
    reason: user would have to navigate into a certain folder twice,
        to select a divx movie and the corresponding subtile file
        plus it's a waste of resources
  - changed a couple strings in the interface (eg "Show"->"Window"),
    if similar strings are freaquently used in other programs
  - reverted saving of UI settings to BeOS way
    reason: I had problems with the vlc way of saving them, plus the
        BeOS way gives some advantages, like forward compatibility and
        better error checking possibilities/default values
        however, I did not remove the other code, maybe I make both
        ways work right and selectable.
  - more UI settings are saved
  - code clean up, and migration of some useful code from 0.4.6


  - more efficient/robust drag'n'drop indication code
  - modification of vlc playlist via drag'n'drop
  - improved class design in some parts
  - moved code arround from PlaylistWindow.cpp


  - fixed some locking bugs (crashes):
      if (LockLooper())
    these Be routines have return codes for a reason!


  - see above


  - implemented some of the previously disabled menu items in edit menu
    - Select All/None
    - Remove (All)


  - reimplemented saving of video settings with 0.4.6 code
    -> why got it removed without replacement?!?
    -> if it has to be the vlcrc file, just implement the saving
      in that way, don't remove useful code!


  - spotted some bugs

  - added methods for modifying the playlist
    (only PlaylistView class uses them)

  - changed OpenFiles() method to allow for insertion of items
    at any position (as used when files are dropped into playlist)

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