[vlc-devel] Re: MPEG HD for Mac OS X

Marcelo N.Boufleur marcelo.b at teleimage.com.br
Tue Feb 11 17:36:35 CET 2003

Thanks very much for the cooperation.
Here are some more questions:

>> 3. Wich are the Mpeg-2 available codecs for VideoLan in Mac OSX? Do
>> they work with all Mpeg2 specifications (MP at HL, HP at HL)? Is VideoLan
>> prepared to work within this specifications?
> We support MP at HL and 422 at HL.

I´ve ran some tests with a Mpeg file with 50Mb/s. The video does not 
run that smoothly and that´s why i wanted to know about ways to improve 
VideoLan performance for Mac OS. Any ideas?

>> 4. What are the limitations for VideoLan and what is in work right 
>> now?
> It depends in which area :).
Limitations: not able to open two files at the same time, realtime 
volume control, frame by frame walk, etc.
Working progress: translation to other languages, improvements on 
interface (mozilla plugin for Mac Os?), improvements on the application 

>> 5. Does VideoLan Control work for timecodes as 23,98, 24 and 25fps?
> We correctly decode the frame rate information of the video ES, and
> output frames at the given frame rate.
It decodes 24 and 23,98 fine, but in the control the TimeCode is not 
shown. Is it a bug?

Thanks again

Marcelo N. Boufleur

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