[vlc-devel] The Finder does not show the version number

Felix Kühne FK at aenneburghardt.de
Thu Feb 20 22:29:02 CET 2003

Norbert Rittel, an user of VLC, which I know because he sent me several 
bug reports about the german translation, has sent me that following 
text and has pleased me to report it you, because he doesn't have a 
Bugzilla-account and doesn't want to create one just for that little 
It would be nice, if you could fix that.

Felix Kühne

"The human readable version strings are missing from the info.plist 
file of the Mac VLC bundle, so that the Finder does not display the 
applications version number in the List and Column View or the Get Info 
window. This is also true for the Apple System Profiler and other utils 
which will fail to report the app version without that info.

The following two keys need to be added to the info.plist file:

	<string>0.5.1a, Copyright © 1996-2003 VideoLAN</string>

The "©" is used to correctly encode this character in Unicode."
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