[vlc-devel] Using vlc as a component in another OS X app

Greg Hulands ghulands at bigpond.net.au
Wed Jan 1 12:47:06 CET 2003

I am looking at adding a DVD player component to my application 
framework and stumbled across vlc. I have looked over the source for os 
x and make the following observations: (please correct me if i'm wrong)
1. When opening a dvd it spawns a VLCWindow which contains a VLCView.

In my application I would not be able to have a VLCWindow because of 
the architecture of the application - it only has one window with the 
notion of screens which navigate to other screens. I would be able to 
add a VLCView to the view heirarchy by making it the same size as the 
ScreenView class, so that VLCView can take the whole window.

2. In both the wrapper classes, I cannot find the p_main declaration. 
Can someone please explain this to me.

1. Is it possible to just use the VLCView and not a VLCWindow in my 
2. Can vlc be made as a framework that can be linked into my 
application? It would be good to have it as a framework, so my code is 
separated from vlc.

Anyone who can give advice or any other information on integrating vlc 
or lessons learned would be appreciated.


ps Happy New Year

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