[vlc-devel] Re: Mac OS X interface screenshots

Stephan Assmus stippi at yellowbites.com
Mon Jan 6 19:46:17 CET 2003

> At 13:25 +0100 6/01/2003, Stephan Assmus wrote :
> >It's a bit hard to understand the new features just from the screen
> >shot.
> Actually there is no new feature in the controller, everything is in 
> the menus or the panels.

Yeah, unfortunately, I'm not up to date at all on what's possible with 
vlc now. I don't know what I'm missing out on... However I installed 
FreeBSD recently, and am going to check out vlc on that platform.

> But here is an explanation of what the buttons do, from left to right 
> :
> // : playlist
> <| : previous item
> <= : slow motion
> >   : play
> || : pause
> X  : stop
> => : fast forward
> |> : next item
> $  : preferences

=> and <= were confusing in the BeOS interface too. Though there they 
were "<<" and ">>". I seperated them from the normal transport buttons 
into a menu "Speed". Later I found out that vlc supports different 
rates, not only "slow", "normal" and "fast", so the menu is inadequate 
as well. But I haven't gotten arround implementing a better way to 
access this feature.

> >One feature I would be interested in, is stepping through a movie
> >frame by frame (forward and backward). Is that what "|>" and "<|" 
> > do?
> This isn't possible with the current input.


> >And what's "//"? Is "<=" and "=>" the same as "<<" and ">>"? In the
> >open panel, what's a "target"? In an open panel, as a user, I would 
> > be
> >looking for a "source".
> I don't know which one is clearer for English-speaking people. In 
> French we use "open a stream".

I think of the Target as the monitor or maybe an attached TV screen, 
the file/stream would be the source.

> >Also, I don't understand "Treat as a pipe
> >rather than as a file". I can guess what it probably means, but 
> > isn't
> >there a user term for that?
> Well, do you know any ?

Hm. Let me try (but don't laugh!)... "Source is output from another 
program". Or maybe "...is being streamed...". But that's not very clear 
either. How about the direction though?


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