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Derk-Jan Hartman d.hartman at student.utwente.nl
Fri Jan 10 20:51:22 CET 2003

On vrijdag, jan 10, 2003, at 20:33 Europe/Amsterdam, David Weber wrote:

> hi to you all,
> so what con i say about my design. first i don't want build something,  
> that is 100% apple "interface guidelines". if you want this, you can  
> take the old interface and switch the background to 'brushed metal'.  
> this is the reason why i have arranged the buttons in a more round  
> shape.

That's fine by me, but you have to agree that for instance the location  
of the stop button is plain wrong in terms of User Interface Design.

> i also wanted to have a big round play button, but that is not  
> possible the cocoa interface builder. in fact i was surprised how  
> limited the possibilities are, that the interface builder offers.

You clearly don't know your way around in Interfacebuilder. ;-) Which  
is fine cause i don't know my way with Photoshop.
The way to do this is by creating a transparent square button and then  
making the button, with its border and all, yourself. You create a  
button as you like in photoshop and you use that image within the  
button. This way you can theoretically built any button you want.

> <cut rant>

> an other aspect in your comments affect the functionality of the  
> interface.  these things have to be programed and i don't have the  
> skills to do that (volume slider, toggle play-pause button, ...). now  
> interface builder it's only possible to rearrange the existing  
> elements. if the programers will build these features, i can integrate  
> them in the existing interface.

Well something as the volume slider you could easily add yourself. It  
is quite a large element, so i think it needs careful positioning.  
Others can then make it useable, but take it into account, cause it is  
simply going to be there.

You can remove the pause button, because i'm actually working on that  
toggle button myself at the moment. When it is finished, i'll mail the  
new files. Being on that subject, could you make a pause icon that  
would fit within the same button as the play icon ? I now see a small  
pause and large play button.

> i think a very cool thing for vlc would be platform independent  
> themes, like in apps like maccast or winamp. but i don't think the  
> guys here have enough time to do that. maybe in version 3.0?

I think the team would need a 'specialist' for that ;-)
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