[vlc-devel] Re: Mac OS X interface

David Weber david_weber at gmx.de
Fri Jan 10 21:42:27 CET 2003

On Freitag, Januar 10, 2003, at 08:51  Uhr, Derk-Jan Hartman wrote:

> On vrijdag, jan 10, 2003, at 20:33 Europe/Amsterdam, David Weber wrote:
>> i also wanted to have a big round play button, but that is not 
>> possible the cocoa interface builder. in fact i was surprised how 
>> limited the possibilities are, that the interface builder offers.
> You clearly don't know your way around in Interfacebuilder. ;-) Which 
> is fine cause i don't know my way with Photoshop.
> The way to do this is by creating a transparent square button and then 
> making the button, with its border and all, yourself. You create a 
> button as you like in photoshop and you use that image within the 
> button. This way you can theoretically built any button you want.

yah - i have seen this option. but there is no way to assign two images 
(button up/down) to a transparent button? i think this functionality 
has to be programmed 'by hand'?

>> <cut rant>
>> an other aspect in your comments affect the functionality of the 
>> interface.  these things have to be programed and i don't have the 
>> skills to do that (volume slider, toggle play-pause button, ...). now 
>> interface builder it's only possible to rearrange the existing 
>> elements. if the programers will build these features, i can 
>> integrate them in the existing interface.
> Well something as the volume slider you could easily add yourself. It 
> is quite a large element, so i think it needs careful positioning. 
> Others can then make it useable, but take it into account, cause it is 
> simply going to be there.

i think christophe massiot said, that he wants to ad this feature and 
maybe a contrast slider too. but i dont know if i should build these 
elements now without functionality, because of soon 0.5 release?

> You can remove the pause button, because i'm actually working on that 
> toggle button myself at the moment. When it is finished, i'll mail the 
> new files. Being on that subject, could you make a pause icon that 
> would fit within the same button as the play icon ? I now see a small 
> pause and large play button.

this is a good idea - here is a bigger pause icon:

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>> i think a very cool thing for vlc would be platform independent 
>> themes, like in apps like maccast or winamp. but i don't think the 
>> guys here have enough time to do that. maybe in version 3.0?
> I think the team would need a 'specialist' for that ;-)

cheers, david.weber

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