[vlc-devel] Re: 0.5.0test3 reports on MacOS X.

Sigmund Augdal sigmunau at stud.ntnu.no
Mon Jan 20 09:35:06 CET 2003

> - The sound is horrible, especially on anything with lots
>   of high frequencies; piano music is unbearable. I think
>   the previous writer was correct - it's as if it has been
>   resampled at a low frequency. This is a must fix if vlc
>   is to be used for serious work.
what frequencies do your soundcard support? What frequency is the sound of
your file? Are there any messages about resampling in then messages window?
If your could provid this info it whould help us investigating.

> - Playing an AVI always seems to end with the appearance of an
>   error dialog containing the message "avi: cannot skip packet,
>   track disabled". 
This have been fixed in cvs.

> - The second screen option is very, very valuable, but there
>   needs to be a way of setting it *before* the video starts
>   to play, not after. A "use second screen when present"
>   option in the preferences would be nice, and the screen
>   submenu should be available even when no video is running.
>   There seems to be no command line option for a second
>   screen.
Command line options and settings in the preferences window are the very
same thing. I don't have much to do with the osx port of vlc, but this looks
like a simple thing to fix, and I think you should excpect it in the final
0.5.0, or perhaps in 0.5.1.

> - Still no way to cue a video; play always starts immediately
>   when any kind of cueing action is performed. I want to be
>   able to (a) run up vlc with a video, but not actually start
>   playing it until I hit the play button; 
This have been fixed in cvs too.

Otherwise thanks for the constructive critisism.

Sigmund Augdal
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