[vlc-devel] Re: unix video player comparison table

Eric Petit titer at videolan.org
Mon Jan 27 22:15:30 CET 2003

Program name, version: vlc 0.5.0

Supported archs:
x86: yes
i64: untested
PPC: yes
Alpha: yes
Sparc: yes
MIPS: yes
ARM: yes

Supported OSes:
Linux: yes
FreeBSD: yes
OpenBSD: yes
NetBSD: yes
Win32/Cygwin: yes
Darwin/MACOS X: yes
MACOS 8/9: no
IRIX: yes
QNX: yes
BeOS: yes
Hurd: yes (*)

Supported Input Media
stdin/pipe: yes
DVD: yes
cdda:// no
smb:// no
http:// yes
ftp:// yes
rtp:// partial
rtsp/sdp: no
mms (mmst and mmsu): yes (*)
dvb: yes (*)
udp: yes(*)

Supported Demuxers
MPEG TS: yes
AVI: yes
AVI OpenDML: no
Quicktime/MP4: yes
RealMedia: no
OGG/OGM: 3rd
Vivo: no
NuppelVideo: no
Raw DV: yes
image sequence: no
MP3: yes
WAV: yes
Raw AC3/A52: yes (*)
Raw AAC (ADTS): yes (*)
Raw MPEG-4 video: partial (*)

Codec plugin interfaces
XAnim: no
OpenQuicktime: no
RealPlayer: no
Win32/ACM: no
Win32/VfW: no
Win32/DShow: no
Win32/DMO: no
Win32/Quicktime: no
Win32/RealPlayer: no
custom: no

Native video codecs
Uncompressed: no
MPEG 1: yes
MPEG 2: yes
MPEG 4/DivX: 3rd
SVQ1: 3rd
HuffYUV: no
VP3/Theora: 3rd
Tarkin: 3rd (*)
Cinepak: yes (*)
DV: 3rd (*)
h263, h263i, WMV1, MJPEG: 3rd (*)

Native audio codecs
Uncompressed: yes
MPEG layer 1/2: yes
MPEG layer 3: 3rd
AC3/A52: 3rd
AAC: 3rd
Vorbis: 3rd
ADPCMs: yes
WMA 1/2: 3rd (*)

Video Output
SDL: yes
GGI: yes
X11/Shm: no
X11/Xvideo: yes
X11/DGA: no
X11/OpenGL: no
DirectFB: no
FBdev: no
SVGAlib: yes
VESA: no
Vidix: no
mga_vid: yes
syncfb: no
hw decoders (dxr3...): no
images sequence: no
AAlib: yes
DirectX: yes (*)
3dfx Glide: yes (*)
QT Embedded: yes (*)

Audio Output:
SDL: yes
OSS: yes
Alsa 0.5: no
Alsa 0.9: yes
Arts: yes
Esd: yes
file (.WAV): yes
DirectX: yes (*)
WaveOut: yes (*)
MacOSX native: yes (*)
BeOS native: yes (*)

ascii subtitles: yes
OSD (time, status): yes
VCD/DVD menus: experimental
playlist: yes
Gui: yes
en/transcoding: partial
TV view/capture: no
Streaming (server): yes
Editing/cutting: no

GUI (*)
GTK+: yes
Gnome: yes
QT: yes
KDE: yes
WxWindows: yes
Win32 native: yes
MacOSX native: yes
BeOS native: yes

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For the VideoLAN team,

Eric Petit <titer at videolan.org>

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