[vlc-devel] On the road to 0.5.0

Sam Hocevar sam at zoy.org
Tue Jan 28 03:40:27 CET 2003

   Hello folks,

   It is now time for a VLC release. I know there are still bugs, but
we cannot wait another whole month. I hereby declare the HEAD branch of
CVS in the FREEZED state. Only important bugfixes may be checked in, not
wishlist bugs (use your common sense to make the difference).

   Fixing crashes is OK. Fixing build issues is OK. Updating documen-
tation and translations is still allowed. Changing the shape of the
Pause button is liable of merciless tortures.

   Here is a suggested roadmap:

    - set CVS version to 0.5.0-test4,

    - downgrade major bugs that are not so major, upgrade normal bugs
      that are rather important,
    - fix all critical bugs,
    - fix all major bugs,
    - go back to previous step,

    - choose the preferred version of third-party libraries we will be
      compiling the release with,
    - build packages for at least Win32, BeOS, Mac OS X, Debian x86,
      Mandrake and Red Hat,

    - perform regression tests (muahahahaha),

    - set CVS version to 0.5.0,

    - release,
    - ???
    - profit! (or drink large amounts of various alcoholic beverages)

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