[vlc-devel] How to compile VLC on MacOSX with ProjectBuilder?

Kiyoto Takeuchi ktakeuti at st.rim.or.jp
Thu Jan 30 01:41:37 CET 2003

Dear members.

This question may be FAQ. If anyone know the good resource to solve it,
please kindly advice to show me the locaton.

I would like to compile vlc for MacOSX from source code .
I'm using MacOSX10.2.3 and Project builder2.1.

I tried to compile on below steps, but many error appeard.

1. I load into Project builder2.1 "vlc-0.4.6/extras/MacOSX/vlc.pbproj".
2. Check all files in files group in File tab.
3. Pushed build button.
4. Below error appeard.

../../plugins/macosx/intf_controller.m:27: header file 'videolan/vlc.h' not
../../plugins/macosx/intf_controller.m:29: header file 'interface.h' not

I guess I need set access path to refer upper files, but I don't know how to
do It.
If it exist, please let me know easy configulation reference.

By the way, Is "vlc.pbproj" can create application?

Sorry for my poor english


Kiyoto Takeuchi

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