[vlc-devel] Re: launch time

Stephan Assmus stippi at yellowbites.com
Thu Jan 30 12:14:26 CET 2003

> On Wed, Jan 29, 2003, Stephan Assmus wrote:
> > one major regression from the 0.4.x to the current tree is launch 
> > time. 
> > On my BeOS box, vlc-0.4.6 launches in about 0.5 secs. I compiled 
> > 0.5.0 
> > with about the same options, but the launch time increased to more 
> > than 
> > 6 seconds. This is of course absolutely unacceptable for a media 
> > player 
> > (or for any BeOS application). What could be causing this delay? 
> > The 
> > CPU is rather unimpressed during the launch, so I would guess it is 
> > disk activity. Could it be the reading of the config file or the 
> > plugins? But even with plugins linked into the executable it has 
> > this 
> > huge delay. How does 0.5.0 perform on other platforms (compared to 
> > 0.4.x)?
>  I think it is related to the tree browsing. When you compiled vlc 
> with
> all modules built-in, did you try to put the binary alone in a 
> separate
> folder ? Because AFAIK it will scan sybdirectories anyway. Also, how
> much time does it take to launch vlc in cleaned test-* packages ?

With the test3 release from you, it is still unacceptably slow (>4s on 
this machine, P3 800). I haven't tried a build without plugins in a 
clean folder.

>  Start-up time of vlc in a compiled tree is also a bit slow on linux 
> as
> well.

BFS is much slower than ReiserFS for scanning many small files. That 
could make it even worse on BeOS.


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