[vlc-devel] Re: On the road to 0.5.0

Stephan Assmus stippi at yellowbites.com
Fri Jan 31 12:04:43 CET 2003

> On Tue, Jan 28, 2003, Sam Hocevar wrote:
> >     - set CVS version to 0.5.0-test4,
> > 
> >     - downgrade major bugs that are not so major, upgrade normal 
> > bugs
> >       that are rather important,
> >     - fix all critical bugs,
> >     - fix all major bugs,
> >     - go back to previous step,
>    This has gone very well so far. The OS X guys have fixed almost 
> every
> problem they had, gibalou fixed a lot of data corruption issues, and 
> well
> pretty everyone did a great job. Only three bugs are marked "major", 
> but
> two of them are old 0.4.x bugs that have probably disappeared. The 
> third
> might be in libfaad2.
>    Can anyone think of bugs that are not in Bugzilla? Of normal bugs
> that should be major?
>    How well are the different ports? Can we release -test4 tomorrow? 
> Or
> shall we immediately work to release -final ASAP?

I can only comment on the BeOS port. Currently, what the user sees 
concerning progress:


	- we can play more file formats (mp3, mp4, ogg etc)

	- we have dvd menus -> not reliable, so only "half-there"

	- settings window (I haven't tried Erics recent commit with
                       "on the fly" changes of filters, currently,
                       it is confusing when and if settings actually

	- snappier playback control thanks to aout3

	- message window (with tons of cryptic message only useful for
                      developers or maybe people wanting to report a 


	- huge increase in launch time -> major regression

	- not so well tested as of yet

	- no improvements to playlist handling (before I finish+commit what
                                            I'm doing now)

I have a hard time being involved with vlc development, since my dev 
machine has no access to the net. In my experience, I cannot keep a 
tree up to date by simply invoking "cvs update". Most of the times, I 
have to check out into a clean folder, or my tree will somehow be 
broken (missing files added in the meantime or something else, I have 
no idea). However, I have fixed quite a bunch of bugs and memory leaks 
(in the BeOS port) additional to my work on the playlist handling. 
That's why I would like to get a chance to commit my work before the 
next release, but I'm going to do it all at once (since it's such a 
hassle), when I have finished the playlist stuff.

Best regards,

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