[vlc-devel] re : VLC Plugins

gbazin at altern.org gbazin at altern.org
Thu Jul 10 10:24:06 CEST 2003

> It also mentions future (as of 0.5.3) support for faad 
> tremor tarkin theora svgalib ggi glide and wxwindows.  
> Does anyone know if any of these plugins are ready for 
> distribution?

tremor is a voribs decoder implementation for embedded hardware (using fixed points instead of floats) so I'm not sure it is necessary to include it in the red hat packages.
tarkin also shouldn't be included as this video codec from xiph.org is only experimental (and apparently dead anyway).

All the rest should be included, especially the wxwindows interface which is the most up to date anyway for linux.

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