[vlc-devel] Problems with Mandrake packages

Benjamin PRACHT bigben at via.ecp.fr
Fri Jul 18 15:42:12 CEST 2003


I've  installed  serveral  VLC-0.6.0  on Mandrake  9.1  and,  well,  the
packages are not working very well...

First, they depend on libdvdread3, which is not included in the 9.1, but
only in the cooker... But well, perhaps it is done puposely...

Second, I've got quite  a strange behavior when I try  to open a stream.
Sometimes I  get nothing at all,  sometimes I only get  sound, sometimes
everything. This only happens on network streams.

When investigating a little bit further, I figured that there wasn't any
mention of ts_libdvbpsi  in the list of demuxers. libdvbpsi  seams to be
correctly installed, since a manually  compiled VLC is working fine, and
shows  ts_libdvbpsi  in its  list  of  demuxers.  Moreover, VLC  is  not
complaining about any missing libdvbpsi file at startup. When looking at
the  configure  parameters used  to  compile  vlc,  I  can see  the  the
--enable-dvbpsi option have been given...  So, I just cannot figure what
is going wrong... ;-)

$(echo "BigBen")

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