[vlc-devel] Re: configurable hotkeys

Boris Dorès babal at via.ecp.fr
Mon Jun 2 14:46:59 CEST 2003

On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 07:59:31PM (GMT+0200), Gildas Bazin wrote:
> There are 2 things you don't seem to understand here:

  I don't want to be rude, but did you consider it might possibly be the
other way around ?

  Anyway it has nothing to do anymore with shortcut handlers, but

> 1- Video outputs are higly platform dependant while the interfaces
> mostly aren't. Which means that the events loop has to run in the
> vout. The vout depends on this to correctly display the video and
> reimplementing the events loop for all the possible vouts in all the
> interfaces is not an option.

  You cannot implement the OS related event loop in two places, right ?
Since we _need_ one in the interface (the purpose of moving vout windows
creation into the interfaces actually being to let interfaces control
those windows), all we can do is set up internal events, triggered by
interfaces and answered by vouts (for instance when window is moved or
resized, ...)

> 2- Apparently you aren't planning to add the "video window created by the 
> interface" in all the available interfaces (rc, http, lirc...) so you need 
> to have the events loop in the vout anyway.

  No (see below).

> If you still don't understand this then don't worry you'll see what I mean 
> when you'll actually start coding on it.

  Hum, hum, hum... Thank you very much for such a gentle advice...

  I am not sure you see what is going to be implemented.

  There will be a registration process allowing interfaces to declare
"I can create and manage vout windows" and, if they want, "I am the
currently active interface". Combined with a default module to create
vout windows if no other sophisticated interface is present, there is no
need any more for vouts to create windows (unless they want to, sdl for

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