[vlc-devel] At last, the problem! Now, what to do?

John Michael Zorko j.zorko at att.net
Wed Jun 4 06:29:33 CEST 2003

Hello, all ...

I've been chasing this wobbly audio problem for days now.  The 
resampling code I identified weeks ago, but I never understood why 
seeking a lot triggers it so much.  Now, I do.

Freakin' input_Peek(), which is called by the MP3 demuxer's GetHeader() 
every time I seek, which is how I do fast-forward / rewind (how else is 
one to rewind, other than lseek()ing backwards?)  Our friend 
input_Peek() calls input_FillBuffer(), which is _usually_ managed by 
input_ManageClockRef() via pf_demux (MP3 demuxer in my case).  Seeking 
bypasses the whole clock management routines, which means that whenever 
we seek, we end up putting stuff in the decoder FIFO without waiting 
the appropriate amount of time.  So, the stuff gets streamed out 
faster, hence the client VLC's have to alter their playback rate to 
keep in sync.

This is a problem with input_Seek(), my ff / rewind code exacerbates it 
because that's how it does its' thing.  I want to fix this, but i'm not 
sure how yet.  Any ideas?  Should seeks be constrained by 
input_ManageClockRef(), as reads are (by the demux module)?



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