[vlc-devel] Re: Updated german translation

Derk-Jan Hartman d.hartman at student.utwente.nl
Tue Jun 17 00:40:45 CEST 2003

On maandag, jun 16, 2003, at 22:20 Europe/Amsterdam, Felix Kühne wrote:

> Hello again,
> I've send my translation to another german Mac OS X-User who is very 
> familiar with human-interface-guide-lines and has often good ideas for 
> improving the usability of the translation.
> Thus, I've to change something in the translation, so please commit 
> this file and not the previous.
> He (I'm speaking from Norbert Rittel, who some of you already know) 
> found also two small bugs:
> 1) The "Playlist" entry in the Window menu toggles the drawer's state 
> so it should have a check mark next to it when the drawer is visible!
All this is gonna change. i'm not putting any effort in this anymore.

> And if you can implement this behavior for the playlist it'll be great 
> to have the same for the Controller itself as well: Meaning that the 
> item toggles the visibility of the Controller window (Apple's DVD 
> Player does it this way).
> 2) In the English UI of VLC 0.6.0-test3 one item in the Video menu 
> changes: "Screen" (when inactive) and "Video Device" (when submenu 
> active). Should be "Display" in both cases as this is the term Apple 
> uses in the System Preferences.

Actually in theory it's possible to have a firewire device or something 
as an output source as well (not yet implemented), so in my eyes 
Display is actually incorrect.

I'm fixing the inconsistency to "Video device" These menu entries are 
now automatically generated on all platforms, so we are losing some 
macism. But to me that's worth it. It allows us to use more stable 
structures and better consistency over all platforms.

> There is also an idea from me to improve the interface:
> The key-caps for faster/slower are currently cmd-[ and cmd-]. This is 
> no problem with the us-keyboard, but the german users have to press 
> cmd-option-5 or cmd-option-6. This is not really comfortable and not 
> easy to find for normal users, because [ and ] are printed on the 
> keyboard (and sometimes it doesn't even work, because you have to 
> press option-5 before you press cmd). It would be nicer if we would 
> use something like cmd-shift-up-arrow for faster and 
> cmd-shift-down-arrow for slower

Good point. i'll look for some better combinations. Of course each one 
has it's downside i guess.
BTW. it must really suck then to write Objective C code on german 
machines. Since that's all [ and ].

The other issue about the button/dropdownlist is fixed. I looked at 
your button, problem, but that german translation requires one huge 
button. If you switch back it looks, well pathetic. Are you sure there 
isn't some other way you can translate it?
How about the translation of "Defaults" or something? The Are You Sure 
dialog gives some further warning about the severity of this step, so i 
don't see any problem.

I'd love to make these buttons more dynamically sized, but 
unfortunately Apple's GUI toolkit isn't really designed for translation 
(or programatically creating elements) in this way. Bad Apple.


B.T.W. Norbert is invited to do it himself if he really wants to see it 
get done ;)
That's how I got in. Right Meuuh ??

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