[vlc-devel] Re: 2nd VCD experiment via vcdimager libraries and items for discussion

Johan Bilien jobi at via.ecp.fr
Mon Jun 23 16:19:00 CEST 2003

On Sun, Jun 22, 2003, R. Bernstein wrote:
> In the first experiment reported earlier, I replaced the CD reading
> routines in the VCD and CDDA plugins from libcdio.
> Since that went fairly smoothly, I went another step and started
> replacing the VCD routines with those from libvcdinfo of the cdio
> branch of vcdimager.

This is great, the only problem as said before is portability of libcdio
and libvcdinfo. Right now we could have two vcd plugins, one for
supported systems, using those libs, and the old one for the other
systems. This would also be nice if vcdimager could release libvcdinfo.

> For DVD's, Title/Chapter has a direct correspondence to something on a
> DVD. For VCD's what seems to be done in the vlc VCD plugin is to
> associate "Track" with "Title" and "Entry" with "Chapter". There are a
> couple of problems making an VCD Entry a Chapter. Entry numbers are
> global, so whereas you can have on a DVD Title 1 Chapter 1 and Title 2
> Chapter 1, on a VCD won't have Track 1 Entry 1, Track 2 Entry 1. In
> the underlying Video CD format, the entry concept determines the
> corresponding track. So in the existing VCD plugin, the VCD entries
> are then renumbered relative to the position in the track and called a
> "Chapter". For the sophistication of VCD handling right now, this
> isn't so bad. However it's probably a little odd for someone who is
> familiar VCD layout in Video CD concepts to make the conversion
> between the entry number and the relative value inside the track.

Yes I did this so that we don't have to change all the interfaces for
VCD playing, they can use DVD controls. But I agree this should be

> A cursory glance at the existing VCD and DVD plugins doesn't seem to
> reveal how input number handling is done. Perhaps another menu like
> Title/Chapter for menu selection could be added (if it isn't already
> there), but my own preference on a computer is just to type in number
> on the keyboard.

Input handling is done by the interfaces and video output. Maybe a
additional interface could be launched when playing vcd, listening to
the numbers on the keyboard, so that we don't have to add this for every
interface, and so that it works whether the video or the main interface
window has the focus.

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