[vlc-devel] Problems with vlc-0.5.3

Venkateswara Rao Narne narne_rao at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 25 10:15:39 CEST 2003

Hi all,
I have two problems, please help.
1)While compiling libvlc static library, even with
your SH3 project build, we are 
encountering a warning,
"modules.c(164) : warning C4013: 'STORE_SYMBOLS'
undefined; assuming extern returning int",
which will end up as a error when compiling VLC exe.If
we comment out the STORE_SYMBOLS function/macro
im misc/modules.c of libvlc project then while
debugging VLC exe, it crashes in CallEntry function 
which is defined in modules.c at the statement if(
pf_symbol( p_module ) != 0 ).
Probably the error is due to not filling up module
bank which is done in STORE_SYMBOLS function.
We could find something related to STORE_SYMBOLS in
the file modules_inner.h.
That part of the code is..

/* If the module is built-in, then we need to define
foo_InitModule instead
 * of InitModule. Same for Activate- and
DeactivateModule. */
#if defined( __BUILTIN__ )
#   define E_( function )          CONCATENATE(
function, MODULE_NAME )
#   define __VLC_SYMBOL( symbol )  CONCATENATE(
symbol, MODULE_NAME )
#   define DECLARE_SYMBOLS         struct
#   define STORE_SYMBOLS           struct
#elif defined( __PLUGIN__ )
#   define E_( function )          function
#   define __VLC_SYMBOL( symbol  ) CONCATENATE(
#   define DECLARE_SYMBOLS         module_symbols_t*
#   define STORE_SYMBOLS           p_symbols =
We dont think the above code is relevant to the call
made in libvlc\..\misc\modules.c which 
is shown below.

 	STORE_SYMBOLS( &p_bank->symbols );
Please suggest us the way out.We have created libvlc
as static library, all the plugins as dlls.
Please give the structure of the VLC project briefly
so that we can understand it much better.
If any major project settings or changes in config.h
files are to be done then please point them.

2)We are getting errors while compiling "plugin_mad"
project and we tried all the ways we 
knew to remove errors but could not solve it.Can you
please send us the workspace file
containing the source files?

Thanks in advance.


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