[vlc-devel] "Browse..."-buttons too small

Felix Kühne FK at aenneburghardt.de
Sat Mar 1 17:17:00 CET 2003

a german tester reported me that the "Browse..."-buttons in the 
open-dialog of Mac OS X are too small for the german word 
"Durchsuchen". I have verified that.
Could you fix that in future?

The same tester reported me some small bugs in my latest translation. I 
have fixed them. Please download my po-file again at 
 >http://www.aenneburghardt.de/fkdesign/vlc/de.po< and add it to the cvs.

I noticed that there is only one translatable string for the 
"File"-menu under Mac OS X and the column "File" in the open-dialog. 
Could you split this string, because there are two different 
translations in german?

Felix Kühne
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