[vlc-devel] Missing features in VLC 0.5.1

Stepan Roh stepan at srnet.cz
Sun Mar 2 15:30:03 CET 2003

I've just upgraded to 0.5.1 and I must say it is impressive! Great work.
However I miss some features:

- playlist load/save in other interfaces than win32
- ability to pause messages in Messages window in gtk interface or to be
able to scroll without autoscrolling back to the new messages (same
behaviour as in Konsole in KDE 3.1)
- ability to easily see actual running plugins (interfaces, video inputs,
audio inputs etc.)
- if playlist item is swapped for another (HTTP -> MMS redirect is good
example) do not start playing next item in playlist, but swapped item
(tested with gtk interface)
- in interface settings add button "Select as Extra" to be able to
add extra interface without need to type its name (tested with gtk
- playlist item (and currently played item) information like file type,
length and other properties (bitrate, number of channels etc.) + ID3 and
similar information
- volume slider
- DVD navigation buttons to be able to navigate without mouse

Maybe some of them are actually working and I missed them. In that case
stupid me :-)

Have a nice day.

Stepan Roh

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