[vlc-devel] Snapshot module - question about clone.c

Olivier Aubert oaubert at bat710.univ-lyon1.fr
Fri Mar 7 15:37:04 CET 2003


In the continuity of the corba module, I am implementing a snapshot
module for vlc, which should allow me to request a snapshot of a given
size (generally reduced wrt the original) of the image currently

I am implementing this on vlc 0.5.x, and, as the documentation is still
a bit sparse, I would like to have some feedback on my ideas.

I plan to implement it as a new video_output  whose properties (width,
height, chroma) will match my specifications, e.g. (320, 200, RGB32). It
will hold a buffer of resized output pictures, that I will access later
through the corba module.

The problem is that I want to be able to watch the movie when doing
snapshots. I had a look at clone.c, which does just what I need (forward
the image stream to different vouts), but it will not allow me, in its
current version, to specify different vouts.

I'm thinking of modifying clone.c by adding a vout_list property which
will contain a list of video_output  modules to spawn, with a special
one, "default", to get the old behaviour.

Does anybody have any comments on this ? Better ideas ?

Olivier Aubert

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