[vlc-devel] Re: Network dialog box

Loïc Minier lool at via.ecp.fr
Fri Mar 7 17:51:28 CET 2003

Eric Petit <titer at videolan.org> - Fri, Mar 07, 2003:

>  IMHO, the SAP way is quite better because 1) the SLP module currently
> hangs VLC until it gets the channels list and 2) if the module keeps
> running in its thread, it can regularly refresh the list with new
> channels.
>  What I suggest is to modify the SLP module so it becomes an interface,
> then add a way to lauch SAP and/or SLP interface(s) on the fly from the
> interface. This could be done, for instance, via a dedicated menu; I
> don't think it is a good idea to put this in the Open panel.

 Transforming the SLP module is planned but inserting randomly to the
 playlist is a bad idea. I think we need to implement that playlist
 stuff first. This would permit the SLP and SAP-SDP modules to have
 their own playlists (instead of "searching for entries of the same
 name" as they do).

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