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larry larry at solvnetmail.net
Fri Mar 14 23:28:51 CET 2003

Hello Loic,

Sorry about not getting right back to you, but I had to leave home and 
have just returned...

Now to answer your questions see below...

Loïc Minier wrote:

>larry <larry at solvnetmail.net> - Fri, Mar 14, 2003:
>>This maybe a dumb question, but yesterday, I had downloaded a couple of 
>>short test movies, and they worked just fine, audio, and video, now this 
>>morning I downloaded from the videolan site, bond.ogg, 
>>presentation_short.vob...Now I have when it plays a blue screen no 
>>picture and I do have sound...Might anyone know what would be the cause 
>>of it not to work...???
>    I'm sorry that you're providing insufficient information:
> - what is your OS? 
          The OS was show in my sig script at the bottom of the e-mail 
message, but at any rate I am using Debian 2.4.19...

> - what is your version of VLC?
        This I am not sure of, I tried using the HELP cmd in the menu 
which sometime tells one what version it is, this one         
doesn't...So how do I find out which vewrsion it is...???

> - what does the "Messages" window output?
        Now as for what does the "message window" output say... Well 
since I do not know how I can output it to a file,         so I can 
attach it to this e-mail msg, here are a few of the warnings, & errors, 
which I will typr in for you                     below...

        Main error: option frequence does not refer to a string...
        Main error: option symbol-rate does not refer to a string...
        Main error: libmad error: bad main_data_begin pointer...
        mpgatofixed32 warning: libmad error: bad_main_data_begin pointer...
        Main warning: late picture skipped (212726)
        Plus seven more of the above except the numbers are different...

        One more question, I have used CVS, once this has been update, 
what does one need to do if I might ask...

        Thanks for any help on this matter... ;-)


>   If you feel your bug is reproducible, consider filing a _detailled_
> bug report at <http://bugzilla.videolan.org/>. Thank you, have a nice
> day.
>   Regards,

73 de Larry/wd9esu
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