[vlc-devel] Re: VLC - subtitles - font encoding

Sigmund Augdal sigmunau at stud.ntnu.no
Fri Mar 28 09:34:56 CET 2003

> I hope - this will be readeble. My english is too bad.
I had no problem reading this :)

> VLC is a excellent product. (I'm using a macos x 10.2.4, VLC version, 0.5.2)
Thank you very much!

> I have the following problem. My subtitle file is in the slovak language.
> Therefore, a subtitles not showed correctly.
> Would be nice allow setting a subtitle font in the preferences or in the
> file->open panel. Need using a Central-European (CE) font. Linux users
> probably will want use a iso-8859/2 font.
It is possible to set a subtitle font on the command line and (possibly in
the preferences). The problem is that our font is in a very special encoding
that we use to "emulate" dvd subtitles. I'm currently working on a modules
using freetype2 (www.freetype.org). This should allow us to read most fonts
that are out there, and should make it much easier to support nonenglish

> Another problem will be the subtitle and font encoding mischmasch.
> Probably most divx CDs (in CE-countries) would come from the "windows
> world", and the *.sub files will be encoded in the windows cp-1250
> (CentralEuropean) encoding.
> But subtitle files who comes from the "linux world" will be coded in the
> iso-8859/2 encoding. :-(( Sure, it is possible recode the subtitles to
> another encoding, (e.g. with the cstocs - cpan/perl module) but this is not
> a simple operation for a "common" user.
> Therefore would be nice build a subtitle recoding functionality too. E.g.:
> when I want play a divx movie with a CP-1250 encoded subtitles on the Linux
> box where I have only iso-8859/2 fonts... etc...

This could be probably be done, but there are currently some problems with
other charsets in vlc. Basically this is because there are no way for a
module to tell which charset is used by a translated string. And most
subtitle files don't contain any charset information, so there whould have
to be some way for the user to tell vlc which charset it is.

> Sorry for not using the bugzilla.
There is already a bug ( even several ) about this issue in bugzilla, but
thanks for the feedback anyway.

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