[vlc-devel] fast / slow audio playback ...

j.zorko at att.net j.zorko at att.net
Tue May 6 00:06:26 CEST 2003

Hello, all ...

Can anyone direct me to the piece(s) of code that determine playback speed of a received audio 
stream?  My ff / rewind thing works, but a lot of ff / rew actions tend to make the audio a bit 
wobbly i.e. after a few fast-forward or rewind actions, when told to play again at normal speed, the 
audio will play faster, then slower, then settle into normal.

I'm thinking the FIFO on the client VLC instance is having a hard time when my ff / rewind actions.  
I'm not sending out less packets when I ff / rewind, all I do is seek backwards or forwards in 1s 
increments, 2-3 times per second, as long as the ff / rewind flag is set.  Yet somehow I suspect 
the client VLC FIFO is no longer in the 'sweet spot' i.e. audio plays back faster because there is too 
much in the FIFO, slower if there is not enough.  This would indicate that I am not sending a 
constant stream from the server VLC to the client, or the client isn't reading the data fast enough, 
or something ...

Is this 'sweet spot' configurable?  Can anyone tell me the piece of code that alters the playback 
speed of the audio according to FIFO / network / whatever conditions?



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