[vlc-devel] RC Interface - TTY (stdin/stout)

Ariel Fritz duin at tutopia.com
Tue May 20 11:08:36 CEST 2003

 Hi vlc team    

First of all I want to give my congratulations . You are a good team 
with a good product!!
I hope you answer my questions.

I'm trying to run vlc-0.5.3 with rc interface. But I'm testing it 
without stin/stout, I rewrotte the rc.c code and I get the rc interface 
commands by sockets.
I want to run vlc in backgroud on X server, but rc interface is made up 
to run with TTY as stdin/stdout. How can I make that rc interface run 
well without TTY as stdin/stout? Where do I have to change the rc.c or 
another code?
Please send me information about it.

Thanks a lot and regards

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