[vlc-devel] Re: VLC 0.6.0-test1

Gildas Bazin gbazin at netcourrier.com
Tue May 20 19:52:38 CEST 2003

On Tuesday 20 May 2003 18:57, Bruno wrote:
> > 
> > Please test and report any problems.
> > 
> > You can find the test tarball here:
> > http://www.videolan.org/pub/testing/vlc-0.6.0-test1/
> > and the contrib packages here:
> > http://www.videolan.org/pub/testing/contrib/
> > 
> > You will also find binary packages for Win32, BeOS and Mac OS X.
> > 
> And what about the planned localization strings freeze ?
> Doesn't it should be done before the release of the binaries ?

Yes, for the final 0.6.0.

Test releases are done to iron out all the details before the actual final 
release and during this time the strings sometimes need to be changed 
(especially after the reports we've got from a first test release). 

This is why the strings will be frozen and shipped to the translators in a 
later stage (likely just after the test2 release... which will happen 


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